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Training Courses

Our training courses are not just marketing information or simple step-by-step instructions in how to do simple things in a forgettable way. Our training courses are designed to ensure that students leave well informed and having been challenged to think about how things are done and how to get the best out of their systems.

Too many courses we feel are bland and uninvolved. Students who attend our training programs have to think their way through many laboratory exercises and not just blindly follow instructions. Referencing the notes, thinking and applying what has been taught are all required for successful completion of our courses. Help is of course on-hand to ensure that no students leave the courses frustrated or with their tasks incomplete.

Our WebSphere administration courses include specific coverage of WebSphere 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 7, 8.5 and 9 in different classes, written specifically for those server versions.

Our MQ administration class applies to versions 7.5 and 8 and is based upon sound basic tuition and coloured by our own extensive experience with messaging applications. Performance aspects of MQ are also covered in this course, though not in great depth.

Our performance monitoring and tuning class uses tools that are within the financial reach of most enterprises but cover principles that encompass performance monitoring and tuning of global enterprise application solutions. The course emphasises common patterns and approaches without placing reliance upon the use of particular tools. Load generation, performance statistics gathering and interpretation are all covered, along with application profiling for advanced remote enterprise application performance problem diagnosis.

Our trainining experience and professionalism has been highly regarded by training partners and students throughout the UK and Europe. We are regularly called upon to deliver IBM training classes through their training partners and also to provide bespoke training solutions tailored for specific requirements.

Our training courses are designed to get the best value for money from a company training budget by applying real-world experience as well as thorough coverage of technology principles. Please contact us for some quotations from delighted past students.